At present, the lithium batteries on the market can be divided into soft shell lithium batteries, 18650 pack builder aluminum shell lithium batteries and steel shell lithium batteries. So soft lithium battery, aluminum lithium battery and steel lithium battery which is good, soft lithium battery and aluminum lithium battery and aluminum lithium battery steel shell have what advantages? Let's look at Gepp.

First, the advantages of soft pack lithium battery

1. Good safety performance: Because the soft lithium battery is packaged with aluminum-plastic film, battery manufacturing machine in the case of safety risks, the soft lithium battery will not explode, only explode or rupture.

2. the type is more lightweight: the weight of the soft pack lithium battery is about 20% lighter than the aluminum shell battery.

3. Large battery capacity: compared with aluminum shell batteries of the same size, li ion battery construction the capacity of soft-coated lithium batteries is 5 to 10% higher than that of aluminum shell batteries

4. Small internal resistance: At present, the internal resistance of the soft pack lithium battery has been at least below 5 mω, which greatly reduces the self-consumption of the battery.

5. Good cycle performance: the cycle life of the battery is longer, and the attenuation of 100 cycles is 4% to 7% less than that of the aluminum shell.

6. Flexible design: the shape of the soft pack lithium battery can be designed according to customer requirements to meet the needs of different customers, and various irregular soft pack lithium batteries can be made. Ordinary aluminum shell can only be 4mm, soft bag can be 0.5mm.

7. soft pack lithium battery is more suitable for portable, space or different thickness design requirements of high application research fields, such as 3C consumer enterprise electronic information products.

Second, the advantages of aluminum shell lithium batteries

The battery aluminum shell has high specific strength, specific modulus, fracture toughness, fatigue strength and corrosion resistance.

Due to the low density of aluminum alloy material, non-magnetic, stable alloy, smaller than the magnetic field resistance, good air tightness, induction radiation attenuation at low temperature, it is widely used in aviation, aerospace, high-speed trains, machinery manufacturing, transportation and chemical industries.

the surface treatment of the battery aluminum shell is important through electrostatic spraying, its color is also very rich, the color is generally beige, dark gray, black, military green.

The aluminum shell of the battery has the advantages of aluminum alloy, which has the characteristics of light weight and durable molding.

the battery aluminum shell has strong plastic ability, the production technical performance is better than other profiles, and has a good casting performance, and has a good development advantage in production.

The aluminum shell of the subcontinent battery adopts the cold and hot treatment process, so that the aluminum shell of the battery has strong corrosion resistance. This makes aluminized batteries safer.

The shell also has good ductility, which makes it a light alloy and many metal elements. Its chemical properties are stable, non-magnetic, recyclable, is a good recyclable metal material.

Third, the advantages of steel shell lithium batteries

Steel shell early cylindrical lithium batteries are widely used, most manufacturers use steel shell as a battery material, its main advantages are:

The physical stability and compressive resistance of steel are much higher than that of aluminum shell material. After the design and structure optimization of various manufacturers, the safety device has been placed inside the battery cell, and the safety of the steel shell-column lithium battery has reached a new height. At present, most laptop batteries use steel shells as carriers.

The above problem is the advantages of soft pack lithium battery, aluminum shell lithium battery, steel shell lithium battery to introduce, in short, soft pack lithium battery, aluminum shell lithium battery, steel shell lithium battery has an advantage in their own ability, so we can choose the process according to the actual needs of students to choose.

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