business leader

1, know how to respect and value employees

Being ahead of time and valuing the human factor is a basic condition that a good leader must have.Forbes 30 Under 30 A good leader will respect every employee of the enterprise, pay great attention to the life and work needs of employees, and create a favorable external environment for employees. Lack of strategic vision of the boss will only take the staff as a tool to make money.

2,Organization and coordination

Want to become a respected and loved by the subordinates of the leadership,Fortune 40 under 40 list leadership influence, you must learn the correct leadership methods, because this is your unity team, to achieve the work goals must have the basic elements, but also to become a leader must have the ability and talent.

3, to have their own ability to control the overall situation of the enterprise

Everyone wants to be a manager, but not everyone has the necessary management skills, so there will be differences in ability and lead to a formal career. Whether a leader can be a leader, or how big a leader can be, usually depends on their ability to control the whole situation.

4,Have a strong ability to execute.

The key to making good scientific decisions is how to catch the concrete implementation, and the key to whether the team is strong enough to fight is still dependent on the leader. He will internalize the company's goals into their own goals, and break them down into a team where everyone can see and touch the goal, motivate each team member to work hard for this goal, the realization of each team member into a conscious work.

5, have the idea of continuous innovation.

Innovation is the soul of the enterprise, sticking to the rules is the big taboo of the enterprise economic development, so the innovation management consciousness education is more as a successful leader must have the basic conditions of life. If the study of our company's rules and regulations has been inconsistent with the reality, then, a blind adherence to the rules and regulations can only be harmful, competent leaders first through their own can be brought to comply with the relevant rules and regulations, but, not in line with the social reality of the provisions of the positive impact of the revision of the improvement, and at the same time, in the new provisions before the introduction of the new provisions to help improve the staff to comply with it within a reasonable range.

6,Be strong inside

As a leader, you must be able to withstand the pressure and aggravation that others can not withstand, strong enough inside, have the stomach to withstand things they can not change, have the perseverance to change things they can change, have the ability to find the hidden opportunities around them, have the wisdom to recognize and seize the fleeting opportunities, have the courage to admit and face the things that they do wrong, the courage to accept the sharp criticism of the subordinates, to be able to Become a driving force for self-improvement, and constantly amend their overall quality.

7,The ability of public relations

When a leader must know and skillfully use a variety of publicity media and tools to publicize his profession, he should also know how to use the media to resolve unexpected public crises. To publicize his profession is to let more people know what they don't know and to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding.

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