There is an argument between wired and wireless vacuum cleaners. Althoughbest vacuum for deep cleaning carpet the majority of the population now uses wireless vacuum cleaners, there is still a small group of people who believe that wired vacuum cleaners are not only cheaper, but the suction power of wired vacuum cleaners purchased a few years ago is also greater than the suction power of wireless vacuum cleaners now.

Although it is the consumer's choice whether to use wired or wireless vacuum cleaners, as we approach the year 2022, do we really need to use wired vacuum cleaners? In my opinion, we do not require a corded vacuum cleaner.

The nagging reasons for not wanting to use a corded vacuum cleaner are as follows:

For me, the most objectionable location is the cord and tube bundle, which has an impact on the cleaning experience. Although wired vacuum cleaners have a lot of suction power, the most inconvenient aspect is dragging long wires back and forth in the house, and the experience is extremely poor when changing rooms to charge and plug.

This five-fold filtration effect is quite poor.

Filtration level is low, resulting in secondary pollution: this is a point that many people overlook. Typically, the old wired vacuum cleaner filtration is the dust bag + sponge, which is not scientific. The front in the suction ash, the back of the exhaust port will have a small amount of dust discharge, resulting in secondary pollution. Even new wired vacuum cleaners rarely use high grade HEPA filtration products, and long-term use is hazardous to one's health.